Mylo Choy
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Mylo Choy

They / Them
New Paltz
New York
United States
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Mylo Choy finds comfort in the spaces between things. As a mixed-race and non-binary person, moving between worlds feels like home to them. Born and raised in Wisconsin, they also developed a strong connection to Hawai'i, where their mother is from. For over 10 years they worked in outdoor education, living and working in many places including Maine and Hawai’i, but mostly between the woods of Upstate New York and New York City. They currently live in the Hudson Valley, exploring planting roots in one place for a while. Mylo’s range of work — music, graphic stories, and comics — uses the inherent tension of multimedia to bring to life their space between worlds. Inspired by nature’s ability to offer peace and perspective, their work reflects without dwelling and soothes without escaping.

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