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Do you love Country Music but it doesn't seem to love you back?
Have you been fighting to be seen and heard and tired of feeling like you are doing it all alone?
Want to find information about folks that represent what Country Music really looks and sounds like?

At Country Everywhere we're building a different kind of Country Music Community.
Where BIPOC, LGBTQIA+ and Disabled folks aren't an afterthought or an add on.

We're the Main Act.

So whether you are an Industry person looking to collaborate with others, or connect with your fans,
A fan who doesn't want to miss a beat, or an Industry Ally who wants to help create real change.

Pull up a chair and welcome to our "Crowded Table".

You belong here.

for Country music industry

All Industry Folks from the BIPOC, LGBTQIA+ and Disabled communities. From Artists to Stage Hands and everyone in between.

  • Get listed in the FREE Directory.
  • Find & connect with folks in your area and beyond to collaborate with.
  • Publish news and upcoming events directly to your fans.
  • Help us build the list of community resources. (Playlists, Websites, Podcasts)
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for Country music fans

For Fans who want to be part of, and build up an inclusive Country Music Community that celebrates and supports the diverse voices of the Industry.

  • Discover new Artists and Music
  • Stay up to date with news and events beyond the mainstream sources
  • Contribute to the community by sharing Playlists, Websites and other resources.
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for Country music industry Allies

For all allies who promote and highlight work of BIPOC, LGBTQIA+ and Disabled communities in Country Music.

  • Put your content in front of an audience hungry for news and information about their communities.
  • Add shows or events listings for Artists so that folks from the community can easily find things happening in their local areas.
  • Contribute to the community resources page
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our folks

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Queerfolk Artists Nashville

LGBTQ+ artists | Nashville | Queerfolk shows 2021/2022

various playlists with album covers highlighting BIPOC, Disabled and LGBTQIA+ Communities

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Fist City

Queer country radio based out of Belfast Ireland

Websites hero images from Black opry, rainey day fund, Rainbow Rodeo and RAMPD

just for you


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Rainbow Rodeo Podcast

Rainbow Rodeo is *the* queer country podcast, featuring interviews and playlists with your favorite LGBTQ+ country stars.

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Image: Jean Balzan Pexels

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