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Creekbed Carter

she, he, they
United States
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The music of Creekbed Carter sits at the vanguard of a new trans folk aesthetic where intimacy and camp hold hands, whisper secrets, and trade playing cards with the devil to decide their fates. Raised Catholic and hailing from the sewer creeks of Austin, TX, Creekbed Carter is a trans raconteur slinging "blasphemer queergrass" that's equal parts vaudevillian clown, anticapitalist tramp, and "fingerpicked bittersweet confessionals" (Austin Chronicle). Their shows weave wild yarns about growing up queer and religious around songs that feature Appalachian picking patterns and their own handmade suitcase kickdrum. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Roger Miller, Hank Williams, Gillian Welch, and Claude Cahun, a Creekbed Carter show aims to craft an opportunity for audiences to laugh, cry, connect, and - above all - have a great time. In the great tradition of punk, folk, and trans and queer art, Carter continues the legacy of DIY energy, genre bending, and pushing at the boundaries of societal norms to make something that makes space for everyone. In Creekbed Carter's world, joy is found in deep pain, community is built in profound difference, and change sits at the tail end of every honest note.

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