YAINT Plays With Country Machismo On The Softer Side of Me

Rachel Cholst
April 11, 2024
Rainbow Rodeo Magazine

YAINT sometimes go by the name of eryn brothers, hailing from the same Arkansas whirl of queer country that gives us jude brothers (their sibling), Creekbed Carter Hogan, and Willi Carlile. They’re one of the funniest people I know, and their long-awaited EP The Softer Side Of Me drops tomorrow. This is an album of all the lives brothers has lived — and the ones they haven’t. Ahead of the album release, brothers explains the Merle Haggard reference in their EP title, the beauty of queer country, and why they go by YAINT.

Eryn Brothers (Yaint)
Photo Credit:
Shae O’Keefe


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