Orville Peck Keeps Evolving - He Hopes Country Music Can Do the Same

Stephen Daw
June 7, 2024

Yes, Orville Peck‘s masks have been getting smaller and smaller lately. No, that is not an accident. “For those who are very sleuthy, they’ll notice that I’ve actually been doing that from the beginning,” Peck tells Billboard. “I’ve slowly been changing out my masks and showing more of my face with each album. I think a change is good.” That spirit helped the country crooner break out of his own box and create Stampede, his genre-spanning duets album featuring a parade of collaborators from across the music industry.

Orville Peck a man in a cowboy hat and denim vest sits on the tailgate of an old yellow pickup truck, surrounded by lush greenery. His arms, which are covered in tattoos, rest on his knees, and he gazes downward thoughtfully.
Photo Credit:
Ben Prince


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