Latino country artists are expanding the genre while honoring their roots

Carson Blackwelder
October 13, 2023
Good Morning America

Frank Ray, whose song "Country'd Look Good on You" reached the top 50 on Billboard's Hot Country Songs list last year, is among a new generation of Latino artists smashing barriers in a genre that has long been considered predominantly white, all while honoring their roots. "I'm just really trying to represent my culture and let other aspiring artists know that they got a seat at the table,"

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Boots Off | A shoes off Nashville playlist

(SHUFFLE ONLY) Classics and fresh bangers by Asian And Pacific Islander country artists! Curated by Shoes Off Nashville with the goal of balancing Asian And Pacific Islander representation to the best of its ability. Want to add a song? DM us on social media @shoesoffnash!


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Gay Ole Opry Playlist

Karen & the Sorrows have been building queer country community in Brooklyn by running the Queer Country Quarterly and the Gay Ole Opry ( since 2011. Most of these bands have come to play for us, but some we're still wishing on!


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