Laser the Boy makes a splash with solo debut EP, ‘Overreacting’

Bee Delores
May 9, 2023
B-Sides & Badlands

Something special happens when a songwriter allows themselves to be honest and vulnerable. With a jangly pop sound, and a beguilingly hypnotic voice to boot, Laser the Boy crashes through the wall with his solo debut EP. Once frontman of the Doubleclicks, who trotted their particular brand of indie spirit all over the globe, Laser takes up space (and then some) with Overreacting. Six songs bang through the static with an earnestness that’s nothing short of addicting, awash in a DIY veneer and the faint tick of a reverberating heartbeat. “Dads don’t let your daughters grow up to be fucking married,” Laser seethes with opener “A Hill to Die On.” His words sting like acid, burning through songwriting pages with abandon.




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