Jolie Holland Reveres Her “Haunted Mountain”

Rachel Cholst
October 11, 2023
Rainbow Rodeo

Haunted Mountain, the latest from Jolie Holland, (released 10/6) brims with poignant metaphors, alongside vivid, lyrical imagery meant to expand the collective imagination. Her words, delivered in her haunting, smokey lilt, stir the soul and shine a focused, unapologetic light on the tragedies of our time. She reckons with disaster capitalism, creeping fascism, colonialism, and patriarchal oppression. She confronts the very real terror that civilization is subjected to the whims of sociopathic men wielding unearned power who are capable of unfathomable destruction. She speaks to feelings of dispossession, alienation, and groundlessness, and the insidiousness of “othering.”

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