Country music has always been queer…seriously

Will Groff
October 31, 2023
LGBTQ Nation

In certain corners of the queer internet, you can find earnest tributes to the gay cowboys of 90s country music. Clad in Wrangler jeans and Stetson hats, these men smiled on the covers of self-released CDs and sang songs about lost love and casual sex. They played bars, cruises, and the gay rodeo circuit, and they advertised their music in the backs of gay newspapers. Artists like Sid Spencer, Steve Lynn and Charlie Pacheo (otherwise known as the “Castro Cowboy”) may not be household names, but they were pioneers in an era when country music was synonymous with (heterosexual) Christian values, long before figures like Orville Peck and Lil Nas X made the queer cowboy aesthetic a marketable force.

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Fist City

Queer country radio based out of Belfast Ireland


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Color Me Country

Hosted by Rissi Palmer, Color Me Country brings to the forefront the Black, Indigenous, and Latinx histories of country music that for too long have lived outside the spotlight and off mainstream airwaves.


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Rainbow Rodeo Podcast

Rainbow Rodeo is *the* queer country podcast, featuring interviews and playlists with your favorite LGBTQ+ country stars.

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