Country Artist Chris Housman Created a ‘Feel-Good Album.’ But Then His World Came Crashing Down

Tricia Despres
June 1, 2024

“I'm doing really well, especially considering everything,” Housman says. Indeed, while the country artist is celebrating the triumphant release of his debut album Blueneck and the widespread attention he’s getting for the steamy music video for his current single “Guilty as Sin,” he also finds himself mourning the loss of a past love.

Chris Housman A man with dark hair and tattoos sitting on outdoor steps, wearing a patterned blazer, black shirt, and leather pants, looking pensively to the side.
Photo Credit:
Ford Fairchild


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Gay Ole Opry Playlist

Karen & the Sorrows have been building queer country community in Brooklyn by running the Queer Country Quarterly and the Gay Ole Opry ( since 2011. Most of these bands have come to play for us, but some we're still wishing on!

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Queer & Country

Instagam Channel

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Gay Ole Opry

Why queer country music? Because sometimes you love a culture that doesn’t love you back. And when everyone came to the first Gay Ole Opry in April of 2011 in all their country finery, we knew we weren’t alone. We do it because we love the music and want to build a community to support queer country musicians.

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