Black Opry Records Launch Party Gives Country Music Fans Hope

Ben Arthur
November 11, 2023
Nashville Scene

“I feel like I’m a dog in the corner — I’m real lonely, I paid $50 for an Uber to the airport, and I couldn’t get eggs for breakfast this morning,” San Antonio-based singer-songwriter Nicky Diamonds told the crowd at Acme Feed and Seed Tuesday night. Diamonds came to Music City for the launch party of Black Opry Records, the newest venture from the blog turned traveling show. Founded in 2021 by music journalist Holly G, The Black Opry Revue acts as an escape from the country establishment and its exclusionary bias against African American artists. Ironically, the lights of WKDF and CMT were shining down on the rooftop at Acme Tuesday, acting as visual representation of that establishment.

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