Beyoncé Going Country Is Already Causing All This Conversation

Njera Perkins
March 22, 2024

Thanks to the Beyoncé effect, the country music industry is experiencing an awakening of Black artists’ collective contributions to it. So far, the pinnacle moment has increased listenership for country music, boosting the streams of several other Black female artists, like Guyton, Tanner Adell, and Reyna Roberts. Next, the hope is that her new album will eliminate the limitations and racist structure of mainstream country radio and finally give all Black country artists the platform they’re owed. “Although these are the ongoing realities of our community,” says Davenport, “we are hopeful that with the recent increase in visibility on various Black country artists (like The Kentucky Gentlemen, Denitia, Julie Williams, Aaron Vance, Roberta Lea, Tylar Bryant, [etc.]) that expectations will finally begin to be met by many institutions that have claimed to be celebrating this moment that Beyoncé is giving the world right now.” 

Beyoncé in a white coboy hat
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Gay Ole Opry Playlist

Karen & the Sorrows have been building queer country community in Brooklyn by running the Queer Country Quarterly and the Gay Ole Opry ( since 2011. Most of these bands have come to play for us, but some we're still wishing on!

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Color Me Country

Hosted by Rissi Palmer, Color Me Country brings to the forefront the Black, Indigenous, and Latinx histories of country music that for too long have lived outside the spotlight and off mainstream airwaves.

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Country Anyway

Created with the underdogs of country music in mind. We are committed to uplifting and celebrating fans, artists and industry professionals that don't fit the country music mold.

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