Our Mission

Country Everywhere is a community hub. Our mission is to the foster the growth for all underrepresented and systematically excluded artists, industry folks and fans in Country, Americana and all adjacent genres.

We intend to listen and respond to the communities’ growing needs by building accessible resources and tools that will help more easily connect, encourage collaboration and push for changes desperately needed in the space. We welcome all who would aid in this mission.

We aim to strengthen our community by engaging, listening to and partnering with and amplifying existing groups and organizations who have been tirelessly working for equal representation and access longer than we have been in the picture and on whose shoulders we now stand.

We do not, and can not know everything we will encounter moving forward and acknowledge it is a challenge to try and meet all the needs of such a diverse community. We pledge to do our best to listen to all the different voices and make thoughtful decisions with the betterment of the entire community as our north star. If we make missteps along the way we will own them, learn from them, and grow.

This is for and about ALL OF US.Artists, musicians, industry folks and fans, lovers of Country and Americana music around the globe. Together, we believe we can be the change we want to see in the world.